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What Type of Equipment Do Correctional Officer’s Need?

Correctional officers are engaged in one of the hardest law enforcement type jobs around, and in order to be successful, they need to have all the right equipment to be prepared for any situation that arises.

Correctional officers work a tough job and an even tougher schedule so it is extremely important that they have gear that is comfortable, durable, and provides an acceptable level of protection while on duty.

Below are some key areas that you should consider when you are beginning your search for the right gear for the job.

  1. Uniforms

Correctional Officers, like any other law enforcement officer will wear uniforms on a daily basis. The uniforms they wear will vary in the style type and design from department to department, so while working within the rules and established guidelines can allow you to select a uniform provider that fits your needs that has a good durable product.

  1. Footwear

Whatever your job is, but especially for correctional officers, don’t play around with your feet and the type of footwear you select for the job. Having the right pair of work boots or shoes can mean the difference between a duty shift in pain and not being completely focused on the job or being a relative comfort, at least in terms of your feet.

  1. Gear

As a correctional officer you will be required to carry various types of gear most of which we covered in our Top 10 Everyday Carry post. In general, you should have a good flashlight for searches, patrols, and inspections, gloves for inspections and cut-resistant gloves for interactions with inmates.

One of the best things you can do to determine what type of equipment works the best or is needed the most is to ask some of your fellow corrections officers in your particular department as this will give you an idea as to what works and what doesn’t in your place of duty.

2 Responses to What Type of Equipment Do Correctional Officer’s Need?

  1. Jimmy November 29, 2015 at 4:33 pm #

    Interested in you letting me know how i can maybe become a correctional officer call or text me

  2. Michael Phillips December 4, 2015 at 1:39 pm #

    What precautions are taken against “gassing”/”splashing” (throwing of bodily fluids)? Are there wearable options for officers to cover nose and mouth from infectious diseases? If a wearable solution existed outside of a common medical mask, do you think it would be a reasonable addition to an officers uniform?