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What Are the Responsibilities of a Correctional Officer

By: Jenna Thompson

Being a correctional officer is no easy task, the profession itself is quite dangerous and risky. If you are someone who is looking to pursue this action packed career, you would need the best training that you can get. You would be dealing with the convicted persons that are considered to be unfit for society, so you really need to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to gain success in this job.

The primary matter is to be aware of everything involved in your prospect profession. The obligation of a correctional officer is to sustain peace and order in a place full of criminals. They are responsible for guarding the prisoners’ actions; they must stop fighting, confrontation and even likely break outs by prisoners from happening. Since the jail is not a hospitable place, it’s not a small thing to preserve balance there. Knowing this is essential so that you’ll understand why your training is important for this career.

Now that you have understood what has to be done and you are ready to undergo the training it’s time to look for the right place to start your correctional officer training.

The American Correctional Association together with the American Jail Association has established the guidelines for the training of correctional officers. In some states, like Georgia, new federal correctional officers must complete 200 hours of training and then another 120 hours of additional specialized training. Correctional work can really be tough, stressful, and physically dangerous that is why anyone who pursues this career must be highly trained and qualified not only for their safety but for the ability to do their duty properly. You can’t maintain peace and order inside a jail without the proper knowledge and capacity to do so.

Another essential prerequisite for this job is being trained to have the ability for self-protection and to acquire guns expertise. Those undergoing training are instructed in various disciplines such as protection and safety measures, the inmates’ constitutional rights, and institutional rules and guidelines.

It is really important that you know that having undergone intense training would always give you the edge in this career, not only in the employment sense but the ability to succeed in the job itself when you do get hired. Now all these factors must be kept in mind when you are looking for the institution where you would begin your training. The institution that you must choose is the one who would be able to train you properly in these fields. They must be able to provide and teach you the necessary skills needed for this job proficiently. Here are some tips on how you could find the right institution for you:

● Search the internet and seek for a dependable college directory website.

● Look for institutions that are able to offer your preferred profession expediently

● Weigh colleges and their curriculum against each other; find the best one that you believe is competent to equip you completely for your chosen job.

● When you’ve finally found the right one, apply to it and start your training, constantly keeping in mind to get the most out of your training.

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