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What Are The Physical Ability Requirements for a Corrections Officer?

The physical ability and agility requirements for correctional officers vary from state to state. Among all of the countries different jurisdictions, a common baseline standard can be devised based on the statewide procedures.

Prior to being hired for any position related to corrections officers, prison guards, or jailers, applicants will need to be at a certain level of physical fitness in order to qualify for the job. That’s not to say that you have to be “Mr. Universe” or “Miss America” in terms of your physical appearance or stamina, but you will need to be at or slightly about the average.

Some positions will require you to complete a formal physical abilities assessment to ascertain your level of fitness. The requirements will vary in type and if an arbitrary number of activities need to be completed, if the activities just need to completed, or a combination of the two.

Various tasks that you me be required to perform in the event you are take a physical ability assessment are:

  • Push-Ups and Sit-Ups -Usually as many as possible.
  • Running/Walking Assessment -A certain distance completed by a certain time.
  • Stair/Ladder Climbing -Assessing the ability to go up and down.
  • Push/Pulling Strength Assessment –Usually conducted on a specialized machine.
  • Lifting Ability –Involves lifting & carrying an amount of weight a certain distance.
  • Obstacle Course or Lane Events –A test on the applicants overall fitness level.

Additionally, the standards for these assessments are generally broken down by gender and by age group. So when you are shown the physical standards for the hiring department you have displayed an interest in, if you have taken the time to train in preparation or if you are already in pretty good shape, at least you will be ahead of the game and on the road to success!

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