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Weight Loss Tips for Correctional Officers

Many people that contemplate becoming a correctional officer may be a little hesitant in applying for any available position if they feel that the physical requirements are overly strenuous or a little bit more than they can handle.

If the physical requirements aren’t the issue, then maybe it’s the individuals existing fitness level, namely if they are currently overweight and out of shape.

Correctional Officers Fit & In Shape After Losing WeightMost of us could stand to lose a few pounds but if you feel like you need a serious weight cut and lifestyle change prior to starting you correctional officer training and basic academy training then below are some basic weight loss tips that you should consider in preparation for training or if you are currently a correctional officer looking to lose a few pounds.

Getting Started

In order to keep things simple and easy to follow and maintain, I’ll keep these weight loss tips confined to three main areas; diet, exercise, and for those interested in an extra bit of help I’ll also discuss drugs and supplements for weight loss that get results.

As a disclaimer, all of the information provided here is for informational purposes only and before you implement any of these tips and suggestions you should consult with your physician or health care provider with knowledge of your particular medical history and conditions.


People will say that diets don’t work for them, and maybe this is true for most people, but if you go into diet program thinking you just want to lose weight then you will probably fail, like so many people have. I think the key to success with a diet is not to think of it as a diet. Take the elements of your diet plan and make it specific lifestyle change, but avoid starvation.

Change you attitude and mindset about the food choices you make, utilize portion control, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, eliminate sugar loaded and fatty foods, and inform yourself about the types of junk foods out there that have the ingredients that can lead to weight gain and overall poor health quality.

Take control of your food and by starting to cook from home is a great start. If you aren’t the chef that you would like to be or if regular cooking isn’t your thing then consider cooking you meals in bulk, then you can have a week worth of meals already to take to work, which can save you time and money. If you need a more structured program then check out the top rated diet program for weight-loss for more information.


No diet program alone will give you the results that you can achieve by implementing some type of exercise regime. Bottom line, you’ve got to get up and move! Even if you are just starting out, you can begin by simply walking. Set a goal; pick up a pedometer to track the number of steps you take in a day and increase from there.

You can do basic workout from home using programs such as P90X, INSANITY, T25, or and other similar exercise video program. If you’d rather have one-on-one training in a gym environment then check into signing up for a personal training that can offer guidance, instruction, and motivation as well as possibly provide some advice on the different types of fitness classes offered in your area.

The main thing is not to go into it too hard and fast that you burn yourself out and give up before you really get started, set realistic goals for yourself, monitor your progress and be encouraged by your results.

Drugs & Supplements

The diets of most Americans are greatly nutrient deficient. This is mostly due to the fast food culture that we currently live. If we do by chance eat the fruits and vegetables from the grocery stores with a lower nutrient value instead of from local organic stores or farmers markets then you can see the need for some type of supplementation. Supplements are generally multi-vitamins, fish oils & omegas, whey protein, and anything else that you would be missing or lacking from your everyday diet.

On the other spectrum from natural supplements are “diet supplements” or diet pills that can provide you with an added push when properly used as directed in conjunction with proper diet & exercise.

By increasing metabolism, suppressing appetite, and preventing fat absorption, diet pills, either prescription, over-the-counter, or herbal based, is increasingly popular for those seeking help with weight loss but shouldn’t be considered a long-term solution. There are a number of different types of diet pills currently on the market and they all have a different effect on the body so make sure that you pick one that’s right for you and your specific situation and doesn’t have any negative interaction effects, so again check with your doctor.

Other Options

You may have heard of the correctional officer losing half his body weight through weight loss surgery but didn’t know exactly how it was done. If you fall in the category of having a BMI or Body Mass Index of around 40 or you’re considered obese, then many people opt for procedures such as Lap-Band or Gastric Bypass surgery. With any type of surgery there are risks to consider so you definitely want to consult with a doctor specializing in bariatric surgery in your area for more information.

Ultimately it is up to you to make the first step to change you life for the better. A healthy life is the first step towards a better life. A life without weight related issues is one less problem you have to be concerned with while on duty as a correctional officer.


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