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Top Correctional Officer Exam Study Guides

One of the most important steps you will take on you journey to become a correctional officer is when you take the correction officer exam.

For many people the very thought of taking any type of test bring on feelings of fear, apprehension and anxiety, while other see it as nothing more than another obstacle that they will overcome on their way to the ultimate goal, becoming a correctional officer.

So what makes you different from these people? What can you do to avoid losing control and making the situation bigger than it is, after all it’s just a test right… You have to prepare!

Below are the top study guides that can assist you in preparing for your upcoming correction officer exam or even to use as a reference guide throughout your career.  Am I saying that you’ll need all of these books to pass the correctional officer exam? No.

Correctional Officer Exam Study GuideWhat I am saying is that a study guide that’s targeted specifically to the correctional officer exam will help you prepare for the exam and improve in the areas that you may be lacking in, maybe with reading and math skills, memory retention, filling out forms, situational questions, rules and procedures and much more. Some of the guides even include practice exams and information on passing the physical exams.

Having just one of these correction officer exam study guides should substantially increase you chances of passing the exam!

Barron’s Correction Officer Exam

Written by a pair of retired members of the NYPD, with over 500 pages of information, this study guide includes diagnostic testing, 5 full-length practice exams with the answer keys, covers basic skills such as reading comprehension, verbal and mathematics, memorization, judgment and reasoning, legal definitions and tips on the oral interview.

Peterson’s Master the Corrections Officer Exam

This study guide produced by Peterson’s has over 300 pages of study material. It includes a lot of career information to get you started, followed by information on the screening process including what to expect from a written or promotion exams, physical fitness tests, psychological and medical examinations. The real value of this guide comes from the 6 included practice tests with answer keys and explanations to those answers.

Correction Officer Exam by Learning Express Editors

Although this study guide has just over 250 pages it is presented in a way that to sufficiently prepare you for your exam. This study guide also only includes 3 practice exams, which is about half of the others mentioned previously but it does offer the option to have your practice exam scored online if you find that to be a benefit.

Norman Hall’s Corrections Officer Exam Preparation Book

This study guide comes in at just over 300 pages, offers 2 practice exams with answer keys and self-scoring tables, information on physical and psychological exams, the oral interview boards and more.  The main focus of this study guide in primarily focused on getting you to the point of being able to pass the corrections officer exam or your money back “guaranteed”!

Master The Corrections Officer Exam: Take the Next Step Toward a Career as a Correction Officer

I added this correctional officer exam study guide just to make a point to those searching for a good study guide but who don’t want to spend a arm an a leg in order to do so. Although this study guide has a different cover, as the title implies it is virtually the same correctional officer exam study guide mentioned above by Peterson’s.

What this means for you is that you can pick up this edition if nothing else for and save a few bucks from the other copy and get the same information, better yet, you can pick up a good used copy and save even more. The main thing is for you to prepare yourself for a career as a correctional officer by doing the best you can on the corrections officer exam.

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