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Key Areas of Focus on the Correctional Officer Test

As you approach your testing date for your correctional officer test, take a moment to become aware of the key areas of focus that will be apart of the test so that you have a better understanding of not only what you should expect to appear on the test, but also what you should focus […]

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Correctional Officer Exam

What To Expect From The Correctional Officer Exam

The correctional officer exam is probably one of the most crucial elements of the correctional officer application process. Your success in this area directly determines if you will proceed on to the other aspects of the application and hiring process or you’re stuck looking for other employment options. With so much at stake it would […]

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Correctional Officer Exam Study Guides

Top Correctional Officer Exam Study Guides

One of the most important steps you will take on you journey to become a correctional officer is when you take the correction officer exam. For many people the very thought of taking any type of test bring on feelings of fear, apprehension and anxiety, while other see it as nothing more than another obstacle […]

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