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Which Type of Degree Is Best for Corrections Officers?

Becoming a correctional officer often time means that you will be required to earn college credits, or possess a college degree at the Associates or Bachelor’s level, but which one is best?  What degree program should you focus on? Choosing the right degree program is an important decision for most people since its not only […]

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Basic Correctional Officer Training Curriculum

Taking the necessary steps to advance in your career as a correctional officer can ultimately lead you to consider pursuing a certificate or diploma in corrections. Although you will receive some of this training when you enter you basic academy training, obtaining a certificate in corrections would teach you so much more. The following is […]

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Will You Need College Classes to Become a Corrections Officer?

Most people that consider becoming a correction officer often wonder what type of educational requirements are necessary before they can begin their career in corrections. Generally, the only education required to become a corrections officer is that you have a high school diploma or a GED, although continuing your education in subjects related to criminal […]

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Do Correctional Officers Need a Higher Education?

Higher education is important in any career field, but how important is it was talking about your career as a correctional officer? When you begin your career in corrections, the majority of the entry level positions only require that you have graduated from high school or have completed an equivalency educational program, such as General […]

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