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Can You Become a Correctional Officer With A Felony?

Can you be a correctional officer with a felony? This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions on this website, which begs the question, why do so many people with felonies want to be correctional officers? Regardless of the reasons behind their decision to become a correctional officer the question still remains, can […]

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Can Bad Credit Stop You From Getting Hired As A Correction Officer?

When you apply for a correctional officer job, should you be concerned that your previous or current bad credit will keep you from getting hired? Unfortunately, most employers these days, not just those offering positions as correction officers, are increasingly utilizing a prospective applicant’s credit report as a qualifying factor for many jobs. So what […]

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Steps You Can Take To Repair Your Credit

In the previous article we discussed how credit reports are increasingly being used to determine if job applicants have the proper judgment skills and responsibility level required for the positions they are applying for. If you’ve ever been told by a hiring department for a correctional officer job that your credit report is an area […]

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Could Your Past Keep You From Becoming a Corrections Officer?

Many people who are interested in becoming a corrections officer often times begin to think about the hiring process and its related details. Maybe you’ve been in this situation recently. Maybe thinking about what questions will be on the job application, what questions will be asked during a phone interview, and more importantly, what would […]

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