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Self-Defense Training for Correctional Officers

As you go through your training to become a correctional officer, working to improve the basic skills and techniques required to be the best you can be, there is one thing that you might also want to consider improving upon that will not only make you a better overall correctional officer by learning new and valuable skills, but will also allow you to be more confident while on duty.

This can be achieved by training self-defense tactics.

While you’ll most likely receive a minimum amount of self-defense training when you attend you’re basic correctional officer training at your departments training facility, its best that you continue to perfect in this area of your career.

Below are just a few of the areas of your career, and more importantly your life, that you can stand to see improvement and benefits from beginning a self-defense program.

Physical Fitness

Learning and developing your self-defense skills can help you in areas beyond just being a correctional officer. Most self-defense training can help you maintain your physical fitness, which in of its self is a benefit.

You can effectively knock-off two birds with one stone so to speak by enrolling into a self-defense program that also provides enough depth that will also allow you to achieve a good workout at the same time you are learning your self-defense techniques.

Personal Safety

As you already know, being a correctional officer has a certain level of risk that you must be prepared to deal with at all times, so developing your self-defense skills is critical.

As time passes and you increase your on-duty time and experience, you’ll realize that in almost all cases, you won’t be working in a mad house in which you deliver roundhouse kicks to inmates in order to make it to safety, but things can and sometimes do happen so take the appropriate steps to be prepared.

Self Confidence

With almost anything that you encounter in life or careers, being prepared beforehand can greatly affect your self confidence level, and being a correctional officer with low self-confidence can affect you dramatically.

Having the skills necessary to defend yourself or if need be, to neutralize an unruly inmate, should greatly increase your self-confidence and would be one less thing you’ll need to worry about while on duty.

In conclusion, you can check in and around your local area and select a gym or a training facility that offers self-defense classes that you can attend, or if you feel like you want to learn defensive skills above and beyond the basics, check out the best advanced self-defense tactics for correctional officers.

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