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Personal Qualities And Skills Employers Look For in Correctional Officers

Correctional Officers are an integral part of the correctional departments that they are employed by. Jail officers maintain a safe and secure environment in which they have to relay on their various skills to maintain the order and security of the correctional facility that they staff.

When employers look to hire correctional officers to fill vacant or newly created positions, they seek out a certain type of individual that possesses a certain skill set that will allow the prospective correctional officer to excel in their position and thorough their career.

Employers that are actively looking to hire correctional officer will not only be searching for men and women that meet the minimal requirements like age, basic education, and experience, but also what some may refer to as “soft skills” that most people will possess but others will need to learn and improve upon in order to make themselves more marketable to employers.

Whether a potential employer is hiring for a federal, state, local, or even a private prison facility, one of the primary skills that are sought after is strong communication skills, both verbally and written. Some of the best correctional officers possess the ability to command the respect of inmates, prisoners, or detainees through how that conveys themselves confidently and assertively with their words, as well as their actions. Communication skills a very important in the eyes of potential employers and if you are lacking in this area then it is advised that you take the necessary steps to improve yourself.

Another skill that employers desire in new employs is that they have the necessary computer skills that will allow them to operate the computer systems and software utilized by the particular corrections departments to facilitate the oversight and management of inmate and detainees. A basic computer skills class is a good place to start if you need additional training in this area.

Additionally, some comparable skills that employers seek out in those applying for correctional officer jobs include interpersonal and leadership skills, being adaptable and flexible, having a sense of ethics and doing the right thing, the ability to solve problems, ambitious, and solid self discipline.

The next time you apply for a correctional officer job, keep these skills and qualities in mind throughout your application, resume writing, and interviewing process that most assuredly should greatly increase your chances of being hired today.

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