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Key Areas of Focus on the Correctional Officer Test

As you approach your testing date for your correctional officer test, take a moment to become aware of the key areas of focus that will be apart of the test so that you have a better understanding of not only what you should expect to appear on the test, but also what you should focus your study time on.

The purpose of the correctional officer test is to evaluate the abilities and personality characteristics that are critical to carrying out the job duties as a correctional officer.

Although not everybody that seeks to become a correctional officer will take the same type of test or even the exact same content, whether you are taking a specific corrections officer test, a civil service exam, or any other type of assessment, there are generally based on about 5 essential areas of focus.

The 4 areas that you should expect to be apart of any test for a corrections officer job are:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing Ability
  • Mathematics
  • Problem Solving Skills

These four areas are combined in the testing format to establish if you have the skills to perform as a correctional officer.

Reading Comprehension

As a correctional officer, you are required to read, understand, and interpret that laws, rules, and regulations of your particular department. With that said, your ability to understand written materials as presented along with the associated ideas or intent.

Writing Ability

Correctional officer are expected to write incident reports and various other types of documents throughout the course of their job, so the correctional officer test will access your writing skills to ensure that you have the ability to use correct grammar, proper spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation.


Your mathematics or arithmetic skills will also be tested. The amount of math that you will encounter will vary but as long as you have a good grasp on math at about the high school level then you should do fine as long as you read the question in full and completely understand what it is asking. So if you’re lacking in this area, study you addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, and fractions.

Problem Solving Skills

Being a correctional officer isn’t your average career, so the situations that you encounter on the job will be unique to anything that you may have previously experienced. With that, how you react to various scenarios and situations will be evaluated to ensure that you have to ability to make the right decisions based on the provided scenario. The more practice situations that you can read and evaluate prior to your test date should prove beneficial.

The best advice would be that you prepare for the test before hand.  If you are provided with a practice exam then utilize that to the fullest. If you don’t have this, and even if you do, I would also suggest that you pick up at least one correctional officer test study guide to expose yourself to the type of material you can expect to find on the officer test to increase your chances of success and passing the correctional officer exam.


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