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Just How Many Correctional Officer Jobs Are Available Today?

So you’re looking for a new job and a promising career, why not try being a correctional officer? Not a bad idea, but just how many jobs are currently available in corrections?

Well, if you have check out our correctional officer job board lately, you would have noticed that there is routinely in excess of over 50-60 thousand job postings throughout the United States.

To get a better idea as to which jobs are available in your area, all you need to do is enter you zip code or target city into the location box to further refine your job search.

Now if you are wondering where most of the available correctional officer jobs are located, then your best bet, and the most logical conclusion, is to look at the regions of the country that are the highest populations, the most prisons, the most prisoners, the highest crime rates, and a generally high interest in law enforcement jobs and careers.

Some of these locations, in no particular order, would include New York, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Texas, California, Nevada, and Illinois.

These job postings for correctional officers will include available jobs from Federal, State, and Local agencies seeking to fill open positions with highly qualified and talented individuals.

Additionally, since the construction of private detention facilities is on the rise, as a result, many of the job postings will be from the many private organizations that are tasked to build, staff, and operate these facilities.

In conclusion, there should be no reason for anyone interested in becoming a correctional officer not to be able to locate an available job posting within their immediate area, gather the necessary information, utilize the resources of Correctional Officer Training Headquarters, and then you’ll be well on your way to a successful career in corrections.

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