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How To Become a Correctional Officer in Philadelphia

In order to be a correctional officer for the City of Philadelphia, you must first meet the minimum requirements for the position and complete the application and exam processes.

You can also find out detailed information on the correctional officer requirements for Pennsylvania if you happen to be outside of the Philadelphia area and would like more information on training for corrections officers.

Minimum Requirements

  • Must Have a High School Diploma or Educational Equivalent
  • Must be at least 20 years old
  • Must Have a Valid Drivers License issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania before your appointment to the position and maintain it throughout your time as a correctional officer.
  • Have the ability to perform all the duties required of the position.

For those who are interested and have the skill, there are Bilingual Specialty positions available to qualified personnel with the proper experience and training that allows them to speak fluently and be understood clearly in a non-English language. It is entirely possible that at some point those that have the ability to speak fluently in another language will be highly sought after for this skill.

The basic knowledge and skills required to become a correctional officer for the City of Philadelphia is generally similar to what you would expect from other correctional officer positions of this nature.  You’ll need to know how to deal with inmates in custody and supervise some of their activities. Furthermore, you’ll need to have an understanding of the various rules, regulations, and procedures of correctional facilities. Also be expected to work with and be proficient with various firearms if required by your assignment as a correctional officer.

Application Process

The process in which the City of Philadelphia posts available job openings is though correctional officer job announcements. Only online applications are accepted for announced positions.  When correctional officer jobs are available in the city, you will see an exam title of “Correctional Officer” or some similar title along with an exam number, who can apply, the exam’s announcement and closing dates, and a general definition of the position you are applying for.

The City of Philadelphia updates open positions for correctional officers and other available positions within the city through the Office of Human Resources website. Here you can search available positions and set up an account to apply for positions.

Civil Service Exam

In order to become a correctional officer in Philadelphia, you must first successfully complete and pass the required civil service exam for the position you have applied for. Any announcement for a correctional officer opening position will provide detailed information on the exam and any other requirements.

Correctional Officer Job Opportunities

Many times when you attempt to gain employment with a governmental agency, whether its city, state, or federal, the application process is usually not an ongoing process and often handled though various job announcements. This method generally doesn’t meet most people’s timeframe for gaining employment, meeting the necessary requirements, and earning a paycheck as soon as possible.

One option that’s available is to seek out available job postings through private correctional facility providers. Utilize our correctional officer jobs board, search within the Philadelphia area and look for correctional officer positions from Community Education Centers, The GEO Group, and other that can allow you to expedite your correctional officer job search without the need for meeting any additional job requirements.

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    You need someone who knows policy,procedure, monitoring!

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