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How to Become a Correctional Officer in Houston

Correction Officers in the Houston area are referred to as Detention Officers.

To be a Detention Officer in Houston, you will need to apply with the Harris County Sheriff’s Officer. As a detention officer, you will be working within Harris County jails; under the direction and supervision of Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Captains in your particular department of section.

In order to become a detention officer, you must first meet a set of minimum requirements first.

Minimum Requirements

  • U.S Citizen; Either by Birth or Naturalized Status
  • Possess a Valid Texas Driver’s License
  • Have a High School Diploma or GED
  • Be a least 18 Years Old
  • Be able to pass a Written Test
  • Be able to pass a Psychological Evaluation

Also, you will be required to display financial responsibility by having a stable credit history. Further health related factors require that applications to have normal hearing and 20/20 eyesight. If you are a prior service military veteran you will also need to have received an honorable discharge.

Additionally, requirements that are specific to the detention officer position include that you will have to be interview for the position, pass a physical examination, pass a drug test, submit to a polygraph examination, and be willing and able to except any assignment or shift.

Salary Expectations

Entry Level Detention Officers employed with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at the level of DO-VI can expect to make $2,647 monthly or $32,094. After your first year of service your salary will be increased to $34,985 annually.

With continued exceptional service, detention officers can stand to receive scheduled pay increases at the 2Yr, 3Yr, 6Yr, and 8Yr anniversary marks with a DO-I earning $3,749 per month or $44,969 annually.

Application Process

To apply for any correctional officer positions in the Harris County area, visit the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Recruitment link to apply.

For the position of Detention Officer, search for Job Number SO-2002 – Detention Officer

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