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How Much Do Correctional Officers Make?

If you’re considering a career in corrections, or any new job for that matter, one of the more important questions you may have in mind is the amount you will get paid. More specifically, how much is correctional officer pay?

So what is the correctional officer pay really like? Well it depends; the pay of corrections officers can vary greatly depending on whether if you’re in an entry-level position or if you’re in a supervisory or management position where the annual salary is significantly much more.

On average, as of 2012 employment data, a correctional officer in the United States can expect to earn a mean annual salary of  $43,555. This equates to roughly $21 per hour. The lower 10% salary range is $27,000 or $13 per hour, the median salary for correctional officers is $39,040, approximately $19, and on high end at the top 90% earn $69,600!

States with the Highest Correctional Officer Pay

Hourly Mean Pay
Annual Mean Pay
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island

Overtime Pay

One thing that isn’t accounted for elsewhere is huge potential to make thousands of dollars annually by accepting lots of overtime. Now working overtime isn’t for everyone, and if you have a family you probably will want to limit your OT if possible, but there are numerous stories online on correctional officers earning as much a $65,000 in overtime pay alone, and have done it year after year. These may be extremely isolated cases but earning just a fraction of that amount can be very fulfilling.

Increase Your Earnings Potential

Can You Make This Much Money As a Corrections Officer?To earn the most you can as a correctional officer, other than relocating to an area where correctional officers are in high demand is to maximize your education and training. In time the experience will come but you have the ability to develop you career in a way to earn a higher salary in a short period of time.

Some departments even offer bonus pay for officer that hold a degree in higher education so that should be reason enough to finish your degree. Wondering how to pay for college, well most employers offer some type of tuition reimbursement plan as well. Your options are endless, probably why becoming a corrections officer remains in the top 10 for all law enforcement jobs in America.


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