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Welcome to Correctional Officer Training Headquarters! We offer all the information you need to start out on your quest in becoming a corrections officer. Specific hiring requirements for all 50-States, detailed step-by-step information, and access to potential employment opportunities to assist you get hired today!

How Can I Be A Correctional Officer Apprentice?

In case you’ve been wondering about or considering becoming a Correctional Officer Apprentice, you’ll find some basic information below on the topic and soon more state specific information will be added.

What is An Correctional Officer Apprentice?

A Correctional Officer Apprentice is basically what you would expect any other apprentice in other skill sets to be, you are placed in a position in which you can learn and train on the job with a seasoned and experienced Correctional Officer so that you will be able to work successfully on your own at the completion of the program.

In most cases, you will be placed under the direction of someone in a supervisory position, most likely a training officer. In this arrangement, the apprentice would be able to gain much needed experience in various locations and situations within the corrections officer environment.

Basic Requirements

Some of the basic requirements that you will need to be compliant with are mostly in line with the requirements in being a full Corrections Officer and should be similar from state to state. Among those requirements, you’ll need to be a minimum 18 years of age and a citizen of the United States.

A background check will be required that will search for any criminal history. An applicant’s driving history will also be checked. Additionally, medical testing and a psychological check will also be conducted.

Aside from the basic skills and knowledge one gains from obtaining a High School education, it is very important that you are capable of both speak and write effectively. At the same time, one would also need to be able to comprehend, commit to memory, and execute commands and directives from superiors.

You should also be aware of the conditions that you will be placed in and understand how to cope with any situation that arises.
Maintaining a high proficiency in assigned firearms and weapons is a must. Remember, this is not only for your protection, but also for the protection and safety of your coworkers as well.

Program Completion & Advancement

At the successful completion of most Correctional Officer Apprentice programs, the prospective applicant would be promoted or moved up to the level of Correctional Officer Recruit or a comparable entry-level Correctional Officer position, although this varies from state to state and program to program.

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