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Basic Correctional Officer Training Curriculum

Taking the necessary steps to advance in your career as a correctional officer can ultimately lead you to consider pursuing a certificate or diploma in corrections. Although you will receive some of this training when you enter you basic academy training, obtaining a certificate in corrections would teach you so much more.

The following is a basic curriculum outline of a correctional officer training academy course or corrections certificate program that you can enroll in locally or through an online training resource.

Intro to Corrections

This course is a basic comprehensive overview of corrections from a historical standpoint as well as looking at the current trends in corrections in the United States and around the world. The course provides an outline of the correctional officer-training program, the requirements needed to become a correctional officer, basic criminal justice values, ethics, and a solid foundation of knowledge of the related laws.

Additionally, key topics include a focus on the role of a correctional officer, and the overall place of corrections in the criminal justice system. At the conclusion of this course, students should have a good level of understanding of corrections.


Courses in communication emphasize an improvement in interpersonal skills, basic report writing with a goal of a clear and concise writing style. Other skills that students would most likely learn are crisis intervention, mediation and arbitration skills.

Practical communication skills needed for overseeing and directing inmates and detainees is one of the primary goals in this course. Some of the additional topics covered include interpersonal skills, report writing, interacting safely and professionally with others.

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

This course provides an overview of the criminal justice system currently in place in the United States and abroad, its development, basic concepts, terminology, current issues and challenges faced by criminal justice agencies with a focus on law enforcement, police organizations, and correctional systems.


In this course the basis of study on the elements and environments that cause crime and disruptive behavior. Multiple types of criminality will be discussed as well as the causations of crime, victimization, and the social & psychological impacts.

Critical Issues

Students will cover the security concerns, how to avoid manipulation & deception, contraband, and searches of areas and persons. Additional topics would include the intake, classification, and release methods currently utilized in the department of corrections.

Defensive Tactics & Firearms Training

This course will cover physical training and conditioning, self-defense tactics, and the proper use of force in monitoring and dealing with inmates. It also covers the basic skills and knowledge level needed to operate and handle firearms safely.

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