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Correctional Officer Resumes – Tips You Should Know About

In order to obtain a job as a correctional officer, you must first start with the basics, and that usually begins with the application process and submitting a resume.

A well written and composed resume can essentially mean the difference in being hired for the position that you have applied for, or having your resume passed over due to a lack or content or for not being up to the level in which other potential applicants who have applied for the exact same job.

So what can you do to set yourself apart for the various other applicants that apply for correctional officer jobs? What if you have little to no experience, how then are you expected to produce a resume that is guaranteed to at the very least get you in for an interview?

Below are some tips in writing a professional resume when you have limited experience in the particular field in which you are interested in.

  1. Content

Resume Tips For Correctional OfficersIt’s all about the content! You want to provide a resume that complete and also concise that includes all of the necessary information that potential employers are requesting but at the same time avoiding all the fluff and useless data that can take up valuable space.

Use a standard font, and standard colors, that’s black type on a white paper, or better yet, invest in some actual resume paper. A good tip for those who use resume paper, if it comes with an embedded watermark, make sure it’s orientated in such a way that it’s in the right direction, not upside down or text reading backwards.

The best thing you need to do is highlight your education, your experience and your skills. If you are lacking in any of these areas, then do you have a plans in place to complete these areas? If so, put down what you are currently engaged in and when you are scheduled to finish.

  1. Format

The best way to approach the format of your resume is to start with the basics. Going with a single-page resume format is the right way to go. A one page resume is easier to scan and many people consider it to be more visually appealing than if you had additional pages.

Below are some tips you should consider with regards with format.

  • Use Action Verbs
  • A word on using tables: Do Not Use Tables!
  • Begin with your header that includes your Name, Address, Phone and Email.
  • Create a good, standard resume that highlights all of your key areas, free from errors.
  • Above all things, Be Honest and Accurate with the Information That You Provide.
  1. Example of a Good Resume

In the past, whenever I’ve needed to produce or revise my resume, I’ve always used a tried and true format that has always generated results once I’ve submitted it to potential employers.

Below is an example of a resume that uses a similar format to what I have used in the past and one that you should strive to at least get to this level with your own resume.

Now that you have covered some of the basics in resume writing, check out some of our other posts that will assist you in getting hired for a correctional officer job today.

Correctional Officer Training Job Board Listings

If you are looking to begin your career in corrections, then visit are correctional officer job board and just the large amount of currently open and available positions in and around the United States. The total amount of available jobs is normally around 50,000, but you can enter in your location information and find correctional officer jobs available in your area, then you can put those new resume skills to work today!

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