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Correctional Officer Requirements in Louisiana

In the state of Louisiana, the Department of Public Safety and Corrections is comprised of three primary divisions, with the Corrections Services division being charged with the custody and care of adult offenders. This also includes individuals under Probation and Parole supervision.

There are 12 primary Correctional Facilities located in and around the state of Louisiana.

The position is at the entry level and receives supervision from training officers and other higher level security officers as you learn to uphold security of a correctional institution.

Basic Requirements for the entry level position of Corrections Cadet are listed below:

  • Must be at least 18 year of age
  • Must have no history of Felony Convictions or Misdemeanor crimes involving domestic violence
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or meet the standards of U.S. Naturalization
  • Have a Valid Driver’s License  or be able to obtain within the first 6 months of employment
  • Pass a physical exam, drug test, and the Corrections Cadet Test

The Department of Public Safety and Corrections/Corrections Services administers the Corrections Cadet Test. A prospective applicant must successfully take and pass the test in order to be considered for a position within the department. Note that you application to test is active only for 90 days, after which you would have to re-apply. Once you pass the test, you will then need to apply to a Corrections Cadet job posting that you are interested in.

Other positions available include Corrections Sergeant, which requires at least 6 months of experience in a field related to a correctional, mental, or penal institution. With this position also comes an increased level of responsibility in various tasks.

Additional positions you might want to consider include Corrections ARDC Specialist, Corrections Lieutenant, and Corrections Captain. These positions may require either an increased educational level, most likely in the form of a baccalaureate degree, a minimum of three years’ experience, additional testing, or some combination thereof.

For more information, please visit the Louisiana Department of Corrections or call (225) 342-6620.

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