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Correctional Officer Requirements for Vermont

In order to become a Corrections Officer with the Vermont Department of Corrections, you must meet the following qualifications: have a high school diploma or GED, two years of full time work or military experience or college, and a valid driver’s license.

Additionally, you are required to able to accomplish all essential job functions, such as: hearing, vision, and speaking minimums, and the ability to continuously walk and stand for long periods. You need to be able to put on a self-contained breathing apparatus and execute procedures such as search and rescue. A medical questionnaire will preliminarily clear you for this qualification.

A background investigation will be conducted. Adverse information found in a criminal or motor vehicle record check could result in immediate disqualification. A waiver is required from the Commissioner of Corrections in the event you have a prior felony conviction. If you have had a misdemeanor or been under supervision for a misdemeanor within the last five years, you must obtain a waiver also.

The training process is an 8-week program. The first week occurs on-site at a local correctional institution, where you will observe other correctional officers at work. The Vermont Correctional Academy is 5-weeks training at the Vermont Department of Corrections’ Training Center in Waterbury. The last two weeks of instruction is 80 hours of on the job training at your assigned facility.

To apply to become a Correctional Officer I with the Vermont Department of Corrections, you may fill out the application found here.

For more information, contact the Vermont Department of Corrections website or the Human Resources Development Unit, 103 South Main Street, Waterbury, VT 05671.

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