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Correctional Officer Requirements for Rhode Island

To become a Corrections Officer with the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, you must meet the following minimum requirements: at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, valid photo ID and Social Security card, and speak English fluently. Additionally, you will need to pass a background check and drug screen.

Supplementary talents needed include: the ability to work cooperatively with coworkers and problem solve, observation skills, and ability to supervise.

Factors that would cause you to be disqualified are any felony or domestic violence convictions. You cannot have had any misdemeanor convictions within the last three years of the date you submit your application.

There is a four or five month application and hiring process. To apply, fill out a Rhode Island application, as well as a supplemental Correctional Officer candidate application. You can access the 9-page supplemental application here.

During the hiring process, you will take a multiple-choice written examination and a video-based multiple-choice exam. These will gauge your propensity to be a high-quality corrections officer.

You will take a physical agility test, which will measure your abilities in: running, sit-ups, push-ups, and sit and reach. Standards to meet are based on gender and on age ranges.

After touring the maximum security facility, you will have a panel interview. Four or five DOC employees will interview you and ask generic questions such as: what did you think of the prison tour? And, why do you want to become a correctional officer? You will also be asked questions that arise from your background investigation. Answer all questions fully and honestly.

You will be given medical and psychological exams that you must pass with a satisfactory rating.

The Rhode Island Correctional Officer Training Academy is a 9-week program. Training involves classroom and applied skills ranging from communication and CPR certification to chemical agent, self-defense, and firearms training.

For more information, visit the Rhode Island Department of Corrections website.

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