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Correctional Officer Requirements for Pennsylvania

The minimum requirements to become a Correctional Officer for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission are: a resident of Pennsylvania, at least 21 years old, having good moral character, and being able to perform the job’s essential functions.

Disqualifying factors that would preclude employment are any convictions of crimes of violence (murder, aggravated assault, kidnapping, rape, etc.), and any domestic violence convictions. Your criminal history for all other convictions will be researched in detail to establish whether or not you should be disqualified.

You can apply online at, or fill out a paper application and submit it to: State Civil Service Commission, ATTN: Application, P.O. Box 569 Harrisburg, PA 17108.

A test is required to gauge your abilities in the following subject areas: judgment and problem solving, observation, following oral instructions, understanding rules and regulations, following written instructions, and clarity of expression. You will have three hours to answer a total of 120 computerized questions. Testing is administered several days each month in various locations. To find locations and test dates, please contact the Commission’s Information Services Unit at: (717) 787-7811.

You must agree to all the terms of the position, which includes assuming the risk of potential physical danger and harm because you will be working possibly unarmed in a building in which you are locked inside. If there were to be an inmate disturbance, there is a possibility you would need to use physical force to alleviate the crisis situation.

You need to be willing to work in any department of the facility as assigned, and work any shift, including weekends and holidays, if they fall on your normal work schedule. Necessity and emergency may dictate occasional overtime work. You will be required to report to work despite adverse weather conditions.

An offer of employment is conditional upon passing a medical evaluation, physical ability test, psychological evaluation, background investigation, and drug test.

The Department of Corrections’ Training Academy is located in Elizabethtown and last four weeks.

After the Training Academy, you will continue to be closely supervised on the job for one year while you receive additional classroom instruction and training.

For more information, please visit the (Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission)


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  1. Joseph Dunston February 2, 2015 at 6:10 pm #

    What fire arms (hand gun and shot gun) are used for the corrections officer training.

    • Zach February 5, 2017 at 2:04 pm #

      .38 revolver and 12 GA