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Correctional Officer Requirements for North Dakota

The North Dakota Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, or NDDOCR, lists corrections officers as an entry-level security position within their department.

The position category that you should be focused on if you are looking to become a corrections officer in the state of North Dakota would be Security. This category includes correctional officers, correction agents, and parole officers just to name a few.

Within the NDDOCR available correctional staff positions, entry-level positions start out with the corrections trainee position.  This position allows the DOCR to meet staffing requirements while providing the trainee with valuable on-the-job training and word experience needed to become a full Correctional Officer.

In order to be considered for a corrections trainee position with the NDDOCR, you must meet the following:

  • A High School diploma or GED
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or provide proof of U.S. work eligibility
  • Submit to a Standard Criminal Record & Background Checks
  • Complete a State Application Form

Note that personnel with prior correctional, law enforcement or MP (Military Police) experience will receive a higher preference during the hiring process.

The qualifications needed to be a Correctional Officer I over a Corrections Trainee include all of the above requirements with the addition of two years of corrections, security, law enforcement, or military police work experience or at least two years of college coursework.

Correctional Officer Basic Training, to include in-service training is provided to new hires by the NDDOCR.

For more information on a career in corrections in the state of North Dakota, visit their website at

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