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Correctional Officer Requirements for New Zealand

The New Zealand Department of Corrections operates 20 prisons across the country, with their headquarters located in Wellington, New Zealand.

Beginning your career in corrections can be rewarding but also challenging at times with its share of benefits as well.

It takes an individual of strong character and mental toughness to become a correction officer, and at the Department of Corrections you will have an outstanding opportunity to work with a skilled and passionate workforce and really make a difference.

New Zealand’s Department of Corrections requires that certain requirements are met by prospective applicants for open Correctional Officer positions. Some of the listed requirements are focused on the person, meaning the way you carry yourself, how you interact with others, and how you function in particular situations. These requirements are listed as follows:

  • Have Excellent Communication Skillsnew-zealand
  • Have Good Interpersonal Skills
  • Know how to operate a Computer
  • Be available for Shift Work 24/7
  • Lead Through Changes
  • Be a Team Player, Resilient and Professional

Other additional requirements that are more focused on the factors that need to be met in order to gain employment include the following:

  • Full Disclosure Criminal History Check
  • New Zealand Drivers License & be able to operate manual vehicles
  • Submit to Pre-Employment Medical & Physical Tests
  • Attend 6-Week Full-Time Training Course

Additionally, you can locate more information on the Recruitment Process, and begin submitting you application by visiting this link.


The New Zealand Department of Corrections conducts an 8-Week, comprehensive training course for new recruits into the program. During this training course, new recruits learn the basic knowledge and skills needed to be successful and to be able to work safely in a prison environment.

The Corrections Staff College, located at Trentham Wellington, will host the 6-Weeks of initial residential training.

Overseas Recruitment

Opportunities are available for personnel that currently live outside New Zealand and are looking for a change in scenery and a new challenge.

In order to be eligible for consideration for overseas recruitment you must be currently employed as a custodial officer, prison officer, or corrections officer. You must also have a minimum of 4 years of experience, effectively communicate in the English language, and possess a valid driver’s license and have the ability to operate a manual transmission vehicle.

Career Advancement

In regards to career advancement, it is indeed possible to advance your career with the New Zealand Department of Corrections. Once you are hired and complete your initial training, it is highly recommended that you continue your training in a career related field to increase your promotion potential with the department.

For more information on a career with the New Zealand Department of Corrections, visit their website at , or visit their Recruitment Link here.

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