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Correctional Officer Requirements for New Mexico

Minimum requirements to become a Correctional Officer for the New Mexico Corrections Department include: age 18 or older (there is no upper age limit), have graduated high school (or equivalent), and be a United States citizen.

Disqualifying factors include: Any felony convictions are automatically disqualifying. Falsifying or omitting information from your application is disqualifying.

You may not have experimented with any drugs or combination of drugs (other than marijuana) more than 5 times in your life. Any sale or distribution of any illegal substance is disqualifying. Any use of any illegal substance while employed as a law enforcement or correctional officer is disqualifying.

Any DWI must have occurred more than 5 years ago and you may not have had more than 2 DWIs in your lifetime. An aggravated DWI is automatically disqualifying. Drugs, DUIs, and crimes committed as a juvenile or open for panel review.

Further disqualifications on the basis of drug usage include: use of marijuana or hashish within the last 12 months; use of barbiturates, mushrooms, ecstasy (and other designer drugs) within the last 2 years; use of cocaine within the last 3 years; use of crank, speed, methamphetamine, solvents, LSD, PCP with the last 5 years; use of heroin or opiates within the last 10 years; use of steroids within the last 18 months.

You will need to pass a series of entry screening tests in order to qualify to go to the 8-week training academy. Day one consists of the physical agility testing, psychological testing, and polygraph exam. Day two will be a psychological interview. Two weeks before you start academy training, you will have your pre-employment drug test and medical physical exam.

The physical agility test requires minimum ability in push-ups, sit-ups, and grip strength. Requirements differ for men and women and can be found here.

To make an appointment for testing, and to find out the next start date of the academy class, please call (505) 827-8922.


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