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Correctional Officer Requirements for Nebraska

To become a Correctional Officer with the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS), you must meet the following minimum qualifications: at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and have a valid driver’s license.

You may not have any felony convictions or domestic abuse convictions. You will need to be able to pass a background investigation and pre-employment check.

You must be able to perform all essential job functions and duties. Duties may be physically demanding, such as restraining inmates, responding to emergencies, and moving furniture and equipment during searches.

Have the ability to write reports, follow written instructions, and keep logs. Inmates are supervised during various activities and situations. Be willing to work holidays and weekends, and any shift schedule. Mandatory overtime may occasionally be required.

To apply, visit and search for an open position. If there is a vacant position you are interested in, you can submit an application online. You will need to check back often if no listing you are interested in applying for is currently open.

A written test is necessary to gauge your aptitude for correctional officer work. The DCS Correctional Officer examination is a three-part test consisting of reading, report writing, and counting. If you pass the background check and written test, you will be given a one hour behavioral assessment.

You will need to pass the Minimum Physical Standards (MPS) test. It is not a fitness test, but instead gauges your ability to exert the minimum physical effort that would be required on the job. Tasks include bending, lifting, carrying, walking, pushing/pulling, and dexterity.

The Staff Training Academy is where you will receive all the necessary education to prepare you for your corrections career. You will receive a total of 164 hours of instruction on subjects such as searches and seizures, stress management, firearms certifications, and self defense.

For more information, visit the NDCS website at

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