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Correctional Officer Requirements for Missouri

To become a Corrections Officer with the Missouri Department of Corrections, the following minimum criteria must be met:  at least 21 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and a valid driver’s license.

You also need at least two years of work experience or college education. Be able to pass a background investigation.

You will be disqualified from employment if you have had felonies or domestic violence convictions. You need to be able to complete and maintain firearms certification training, which is not possible if you have a domestic violence record.

Additional required competencies include: have good communication skills, including the ability to understand and obey instructions. Be able to work cooperatively with coworkers, inmates, and the public, and enforce rules and regulations. Have the ability to maintain and prepare reports and records, and stay alert and observant should an emergency arise. Require little supervision in the execution of duties and responsibilities.

Certain knowledge is required to be hired as a corrections officer, and desired attributes consist of a familiarity with the rules and regulations that deal with the regulation, supervision, and handling of inmates. Applicants should possess some knowledge of use of force policies and know how to apply those in a correctional setting. Possess the ability to learn communications, computer, and emergency equipment. You will be given an essential functions evaluation prior to employment.

To apply, visit and check for a job listing. If a position is available, you will see that you can apply using the online process. First, fill out an EASE application. Additionally, fill out a DOC application.

Corrections officers are in entry-level positions, and if you wish to quickly move up in your career with the Missouri DOC, you will need to pursue higher education to meet the requirements to advance. Promotion is also possible with several years of experience.

For more information, please visit the Missouri DOC website at

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  1. James Bean April 14, 2016 at 1:20 am #

    I have not had a felony conviction for 12 years, that was for weed. I’m not on any probation or parole, with no pending charges. I’ve never had any violance charge.
    I spent many years in Prison where I know everything about Mo. D.O.C. Where I could walk in the Door as a c.o. 11 Supervisor , & see that job performance & operations is done adequately & very professionally by the Book Policy & Procedure, incorporated with My Boss the shift Lt..
    The primary hold back is Firearm Certification, of which I would like at My personal Libility discrimination wish to WAIVE that so I can get the job of being one of the best officers in Mo.D.O.C..
    Thank U for this opportunity to contact U all,
    Thanks in advance for what U can achive in achieving Me goal as emphasized .
    Sincerely best regards to making MO.D.O.C. A more safe & secure environment for both the Officers & Offenders. Mr. Bean, James.
    My Cell # is