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Correctional Officer Requirements for Mississippi

Requirements for becoming a Correctional Officer for the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) include: high school diploma or GED, proof of Selective Service Registration for males 18-25 years old, social security card, and a valid driver’s license. You will need to be able to provide name and contact information for five non-family character references.

The MDOC Training Academy is an 8-week program of instruction that includes orientation, a history of the Department of Corrections in Mississippi, and administrative report writing. You will receive training about security procedures involved in keeping custody of inmates in a safe and controlled environment, hostage negotiation, self defense, and firearms training. You will receive one week of on the job training with supervision in a DOC facility.

You may complete an online application at this link:

For further information, contact the Mississippi Department of Corrections, 723 North President Street, Jackson, MS 39202 or by calling the toll-free Job Line 1-866-783-9359.

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