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Correctional Officer Requirements for Michigan

To become a Corrections Officer for the Michigan Department of Corrections, you must meet the following minimum qualifications and requirements:

You must be at least 18 years of age, have successfully completed a high school education or GED examination, and be in overall good general health and physical fitness.

Successful applicants will possess good communications skills, both oral and written, and be of good moral character.

Additionally, there are educational requirements:
You must have at least 15 semester credit hours of college courses in corrections, criminal justice, law enforcement, psychology, sociology, educational psychology, family relations, guidance and counseling, pastoral counseling, or social work.

-Or- Earn thirty semester credit hours in any degree prerequisite or academic classes.

-Or- A bachelor’s degree in any field.

-Or- Two years Corrections Officer employment in any state or at the federal level.

Disqualifying factors are felony, drug, or domestic violence convictions. If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor (other than domestic violence or drug related offense), you are not eligible for employment until a year after completion of imposed sentences or probation.

Apply by filling out an application found here.
You will need to take the Corrections Officer exam and will be contacted by Civil Service to do so. A waiver will be granted for the exam if you have a bachelor’s degree, have current or past active military service with an honorable discharge, or two years full time corrections officer experience.

DOC will contact you by mail with a date and time for a panel interview. The panel will consist of recruitment personnel and corrections supervisors. The Michigan Department of Corrections gives a physical fitness test you must pass before hire, which include sit-ups, push-ups, and step test. There are minimum standards for vision and hearing, as essential functions to the job. You will also need to pass a drug screen.

The Training Academy in Lansing is a four month 320-hour program, followed by on the job training at your assigned facility for two months. You will be tested on academics, physical fitness, and weapons qualifications.

For more information, call the DOC recruitment section at: 1-888-820-7129 or visit the Michigan DOC website at

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