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Correctional Officer Requirements for Maine

In order to become employed as a Correctional Officer with the Maine Department of Corrections, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent, have a Maine driver’s license (or be able to obtain one), and be able to pass a background check.

Additional skills you need to posses include: the ability to understand and follow directions, communicate orally and in writing and perform basic math, perform physical elements of job, able to perform well under stress, have good observation skills, and be a model of appropriate and ethical behavior.

To apply, visit the Maine DOC career opportunity page and check for an open correctional officer position. You will need to fill out two applications, the State of Maine Direct Hire Application, and the DOC Supplemental Information application.

You will need to pass the Physical Aptitude Test, which consists of running and a simulated rescue situation. The .4 mile run is to be completed in four minutes or less, outdoors, beginning and ending at the top of a hill, or in the event of inclement weather, is performed on a treadmill. The simulated rescue involves dragging a 150 lb dummy for 34 yards without stopping. As part of your DOC supplemental application, you will need to have a physician sign the Medical Authorization for Physical Aptitude Test.

Training is comprised of an 80-hour new employee orientation, followed by 5 weeks of academy instruction, then another 5 weeks of field training.

For more information, visit the Maine Department of Corrections website at .

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