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Correctional Officer Requirements for Kentucky

To become a Correctional Officer with the Kentucky Department of Corrections, you must meet the following minimum qualifications: at least 21 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and be able to pass a background check and drug screen.

You will need to be in good physical health to perform the job duties of a correctional officer. In an emergency, you must be able to physically respond to the situation. It could be necessary to lift and carry inmates during an evacuation or rescue.

In the event of disruptions like fights between inmates, you would need to be able to run, bend, lift, etc and place yourself in the middle of a combative situation to protect other prisoners from harm. Physical agility is required to place inmates in restraints.

To apply, go to the DOC careers page to search for vacancies. In the event that there are no open correctional officer positions, or there is not an open position in the county/facility you would like to be employed in, you can go to the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet search tool.

There you can search correctional officer positions, select the listing for the county in which you would like to work, and apply for the Immediate Fill title. In the event that the position becomes open prior to its’ indicated last day of posting, you will be considered for the position as long as you meet all minimum job requirements. The advantage is that you will be among the first considered for a position when it becomes available, as it will not be advertised publicly for a 10 day period.

The Division of Corrections Training (DCT) oversees instruction of DOC employees, through the Corrections Officer Basic Course (COBC). Phase I of COBC will occur at the facility for which you are hired to work. You will attend a 40 hour new employee orientation (NEO), which consists of computer based training (CBT) in the computer lab.

Phase II of COBC takes place at a regional facility near your assigned facility. During the three weeks of Phase II instruction, you will learn subject matter essential to corrections work, how to overcome problems in correctional settings, security-related teaching, and firearms qualifications.

For more information, visit the Kentucky Department of Corrections website at

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