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Correctional Officer Requirements for Arkansas

To become a Correctional Officer with the Arkansas Department of Correction/Department of Community Correction (ADC/DCC), certain minimum qualifications must be met: have a high school diploma or equivalent and a valid Arkansas driver’s license. Be able to read and write. You must be willing to work various shift schedules and be on call in case of emergency.

The correctional officer position is physically demanding. You will be required to perform security inspections, conduct investigations, respond to emergencies, and need to be able to use self-defense tactics.

Be aware that correctional officers work in dangerous, high stress environments. You are expected to have knowledge of departmental policies and procedures, and know how to identify and respond to inmate behavior. You must be able to monitor prisoner activities in a variety of situations.

To apply, visit the ADC employment webpage, where you can search for a job opening. There will be a link at the bottom of the job listing to click to apply for the position, and clicking it will take you to a page where you will be prompted to create an account and apply online.

You will attend a 280-hour Basic Correctional Officer Training (BCOT) program provided by the Training Department. Instruction is in accordance with departmental and ACA standards and you will learn all the necessary tools to prepare you for the duties and responsibilities of a correctional officer.

For more information, visit the ADC/DCC website at, or contact an Employment Specialist at 870-850-8510 and/or the Human Resources Division at 1-888-8ADCJOBS.

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