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Correctional Officer Requirements for Alaska

The minimum qualifications to become a Correctional Officer with the Alaska Department of Corrections are as follows: A United States citizen or resident alien, 21 years or older, having good moral character, having a high school diploma or equivalent.

Factors that disqualify you from being an Alaska Correctional Officer include: felony or misdemeanor domestic violence convictions, crimes of dishonesty or moral turpitude, crimes resulting in serious physical injury to another person, two or more DWI offenses, controlled substance violations after the age of 21 or within 10 years of date of hire, use of controlled substances within 10 years of date of hire (unless use occurred under the age of 21), use of marijuana (unless use occurred under the age of 21), having denied or revoked basic certification.

A licensed physician must certify you to be physically capable of accomplishing all essential functions of the correctional officer job.

You are required to pass the Department of Corrections’ psychological screening examination, must be mentally capable to perform all essential functions of a correctional officer, and not have any emotional disorder that may affect your performance in an adverse way. A list of Alaska Correctional Officer Essential Duties and functions can be found here.

Your final step to becoming an Alaska Correctional Officer is to attend The Basic Correctional Officer Academy, a six-week program that will prepare you to perform your duties with training in firearms, defensive tactics, searches, communication, etc.

Training includes the opportunity to learn with realistic scenarios, consisting of role-play situations and experiencing being pepper-sprayed and stung with an electronic immobilization device.

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