Online Correctional Officer Training and Job Center

Welcome to Correctional Officer Training Headquarters! We offer all the information you need to start out on your quest in becoming a corrections officer. Specific hiring requirements for all 50-States, detailed step-by-step information, and access to potential employment opportunities to assist you get hired today!

Correctional Officer Cover Letter

Creating Your Correctional Officer Cover Letter

Before you submit your application for a correctional officer job, you’ll need to ensure that you include not only a copy of your most recent and highly targeted resume for the particular job that you are applying for, but to ensure the best results, you should also include a cover letter as well. Corrections officers […]

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Real Estate For Sale

Would You Relocate For A Correctional Officer Job?

We all know that moving can be stressful, especially if you are relocating to a new city or state. Most people born and raised in their hometown may find it difficult to pick up and leave for any reason, but would you move for a job? With the economy in its current condition and jobless […]

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Surviving Cold Weather While On Duty

Have you checked the weather on the news lately, or just looked out the window? It’s cold! It seems like it’s only going to get colder over the long term. So much for global warming right! Not only is the weather making it a pain to get to your place of duty, but then as […]

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How Much Correctional Officers Get Paid

How Much Do Correctional Officers Make?

If you’re considering a career in corrections, or any new job for that matter, one of the more important questions you may have in mind is the amount you will get paid. More specifically, how much is correctional officer pay? So what is the correctional officer pay really like? Well it depends; the pay of […]

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Must Read Books for Correctional Officers

Recommended Reading for Correctional Officers

For those who are new to the field of corrections or if you have been a correctional officer for a number of years and you’re looking for some great books related to your career then this is it. The below book list include some great books, both true stories, fiction, and fact based resource guides […]

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Developing Your Career in Corrections

When you get to the point on your journey to become a correctional officer where you have found the right job to apply for, you’ve completed and submitted an amazing resume, nailed the interview, passed the correctional officer test, and now you’re ready to complete your initial training and keep it moving in the right […]

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How Old Is Too Old To Become A Correctional Officer?

Age ain’t nothing but a number! Well, at least that’s what the song says, but seriously, can you be too old to become a correctional officer? While its true that there are minimum requirements to becoming a correctional officer, but rarely if even do you see any mention to a persons age as a disqualifier […]

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Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips for Correctional Officers

Many people that contemplate becoming a correctional officer may be a little hesitant in applying for any available position if they feel that the physical requirements are overly strenuous or a little bit more than they can handle. If the physical requirements aren’t the issue, then maybe it’s the individuals existing fitness level, namely if […]

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Things You Should Know About Working For Private Prisons

For those who are actively searching for correctional officer jobs locally or anywhere in their home state only to discover that the department of corrections near you isn’t currently hiring or that you just missed out on the most recent job announcement. You may start to feel that locating a job, as a correctional officer […]

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How To Become A Correctional Officer in Baltimore

Becoming a correctional officer in Baltimore can be a rewarding, challenging, and life-changing career choice that many people seeking a law enforcement job may be interesting in applying for. The Maryland Department of Public Safety is actively and continuously seeking individuals interested in becoming entry-level and advanced level correctional officers in Baltimore City, Anne Arundel, […]

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