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Welcome to Correctional Officer Training Headquarters! We offer all the information you need to start out on your quest in becoming a corrections officer. Specific hiring requirements for all 50-States, detailed step-by-step information, and access to potential employment opportunities to assist you get hired today!


Why Correctional Officer Training HQ?
Correctional Officer Training Headquarters is the focal point and resource center for all of your correctional officer needs. Regardless if you are currently seeking out new information and details on your new career in the corrections system, or seeking to further advance you existing career, we’re here to make that process as simple as possible.

While it doesn’t bode well for our society as a whole, there has been an increase in prison construction on both the state and federal level over the past few years so the need to staff positions at these locations presents a unique opportunity for employment and advancement.

The employment opportunities for correctional officers will only increase in demand based on population growth.

Additionally, with the rise of privatization of detention facilities, now is the best time to gain the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to be successful as a correctional officer.

This is why we created Correctional Officer Training HQ – Your Guide in the field of Correctional Officers.

What’s Unique about Correctional Officer Training Headquarters?
We strive to make our website a simple, concise, and accurate resource of information that you can rely upon that is set apart from a lot of the other resources online to assist you on how to become a correctional officer wherever you may be located.